Our firm provides assistance when non-EU citizens are to be employed in executive positions with companies belonging to foreign interests, guiding them through the special procedures leading to the grant of the relevant work and residency permits, as well as family reunion permits for their dependants. We also assist EU employees in registering and obtaining their permits, albeit under a more simplified procedure.

Our involvement in immigration law and procedures extends to applications for permanent residency, either for pensioners or for clients who are entitled to apply for long-term residency permits. Furthermore, we have extensive experience in applying for Cyprus citizenship for those who are eligible, including applications made under the Cyprus Investment Programme set by the Council of Ministers.


We advise you on the registration of ships and yachts in Cyprus and abroad and on granting of mortgages. Our activities range from the initial legal consultation to registrations in registers of shipbuilding, ships and inland vessels.

We can also handle in-flagging, bareboat charter extensions including reflagging. And we help with changes of name and ports of registry as well.

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The focus of our activities is on limited liability company law, partnership law and stock corporation law. We specialise in advising companies according to their industry. In addition to developing viable corporate and company structures and the establishment of companies, this also entails their reorganisation and restructuring.

This also includes arranging silent partnerships and indirect holdings. Naturally, we also deal with matters that have nothing whatsoever to do with the maritime sector: We advise you on all issues of company law; whether company formations, acquisitions, joint ventures or the sale of business interests, shareholder disputes or D&O liability. Our activities also include the establishment and management of overseas companies of all kinds.

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Contract Law

We review and prepare national and international agreements and advise you especially on English and Cyprus law.

Our activities focus on agreements and contractual arrangements in connection with the fields of law in which we also provide legal advice.

However, we are of course also happy to check existing agreements for you and provide support in the event of problems with an agreement that you have already concluded.

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Sale & Purchase

We advise you on the drafting and implementation of purchase agreements or hire-purchase agreements for vessels of all kinds. In this regard we collaborate closely with the banks, brokers, maritime registers and, if circumstances dictate, with the receivers involved. We can also help you open a joint account.

The organisation and implementation of closings is a further integral part of the implementation that can also take place in one of our offices if you wish so.

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We have many years of experience in the field of asset-backed and corporate finance. Further areas of specialisation include leasing finance and hire-purchase financing. In this context, we provide advice on and draw up the necessary collateral documents.

In addition, with your assistance we also develop solutions for restructuring measures and loan agreements that are in line with market requirements. Furthermore, we are also active in further fields of banking and capital market law and frequently provide advice on prospectus liability issues.

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Commercial Law

We advise our clients on legal matters arising out of their day-to-day activities. We advise our Cyprus clients in international transactions and our foreign clients with respect to their activities in Cyprus.

We can advise you on the company structure that best meets your needs and assist you in the day to day activities of the company. We offer our assistance for the opening of a bank account, either in Cyprus or abroad and offer fiduciary services where required and we assist our clients to establish their presence in Cyprus.

Whether you are trading solely within Cyprus or are engaged in cross-border trading, it makes no difference to us. We can advise you on the structuring of your contractual relationships with both Cyprus and international business partners. We can assist you in the creation of your distribution concept, the conclusion of co-operation agreements and the implementation of specific and even complex legal structures.

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We advise you on all aspects of marine insurance law. This typically includes disputes with your P&I, hull, loss-of-hire and builder’s risk insurance.

Our remit includes claims handling, the preparation of expert opinions in coverage disputes, settlement of extra-judicial and judicial disputes with your insurer or third parties, as well as the coordination of legal disputes in other jurisdictions.

And we are of course able to provide you with well-founded advice before you actually take out insurance.

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Charter agreement disputes, freight losses following shipping accidents and in the event of loss or damage to the goods during the ocean or multimodal transport or transhipment, something that has become increasingly important recently, are commonplace in the shipping business.

Owing to the host of international agreements and national regulations regarding the competence of the arbitration tribunals and courts and the applicable laws, processing such claims has become exceptionally complex. This is often compounded by short periods of limitation.

We are also happy to assist you in such difficult cases. Thanks to our long-standing practical experience, we are able to assert your rights quickly and simply irrespective.

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We help you draft shipbuilding contracts and provide advice on existing contracts provided by your contractual partners.

We also advise our clients on subcontracting agreements. And we do all this with due consideration of existing or pending finance agreements and the requisite furnishing of security.

Our clients benefit from our many years of experience in this highly specialised field.

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When bringing about out-of-court settlements we are able to draw on our knowledge of legal and cultural peculiarities. Our negotiation team can support you as accompanying counsel to your dispute.

The aim of out-of-court-settlements is to quickly and efficiently produce future-oriented results based on the solutions proposed by the parties to the dispute.

We help to coordinate the proceedings in international arbitration or mediation.

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Unfortunately, it is not always possible to avoid disputes with your contractual partners by means of an amicable commercial solution, especially the pursuit and defence of the seizure of ships, bunkers or freight. Problem cases require prompt, precise and concerted action.

Furthermore, we can litigate on your behalf national at courts and arbitration tribunals. Our extensive network of attorneys means that we can also represent your interests perfectly in other jurisdictions.

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